How long is the course and when does it start?

The course is comprised of 10 lessons that are between 30 and 45 minutes in length.  It can be started at any time, day or night, summer, winter, spring or fall.  It is designed so you can learn at your own pace, taking a lesson one day, after which you will have several teaching sessions with your horse before you return for the next lesson.  For students with the time and desire to learn fast, you can be finished with the course in as little as 10 weeks.

What is the course format?

Unlike the typical 1, 2 or 3 day clinic where you get too much information in too little time, making it impossible to actually go home and use what you've learned, I'll guide you through this positive new way of relating with your horse, one simple step at a time.  This will be done through a series of inexpensive, short, easy to use and follow internet-based videos in which I'll show you how to work with and teach your horse in a way that's easy and fun for you both.   In addition, you'll have access to me and my team to help with any questions you may have along the way.   Plus, you'll receive a Practitioner's Kit, with all the tools you need to implement Beyond Horsemanship with your horse.  This way, you and your horse can master the techniques without anything else to buy, at a casual pace and with me by your side sharing concepts in a way that’s easy to understand, remember and apply.

Course Details

What will you learn?

How to work with your horse using positive training techniques that are pleasant for your horse (rather than the negative techniques unpleasant for your horse - yet are so prevalent in horse training).

How to gain and maintain your horse’s trust and cooperation without  threats, correction, punishment or other activities that actually impair trust, take the joy out of your relationship with your horse (AND that quite possibly never felt right to you in the first place).

Everything you ever wanted to know about exploring liberty, tricks, horse agility, bitless or bridleless riding in a way both you and your horse will enjoy. And how to turn this knowledge into tools that will improve everything you regularly like to do with your horse.

A special signal that creates instant rapport, precise understanding and lightning-fast results with your horse.

How only 5 minutes a day of your precious time will translate into valuable training for your horse. How to clearly and easily communicate with your horse without the complicated, confusing and potentially dangerous practice of mimicking horse body language.

How will this benefit me and my horse?

You’ll develop the mutually cooperative, trusting and enjoyable relationship you've dreamed of with your horse that carries over into everything you do.

Your horse will develop into a calmer, safer, more emotionally balanced, confident, receptive, focused and engaged individual, who wants to learn from you, chooses to be with you and looks forward to whatever new adventure you have in store.

You’ll be able to enrich your and your horse’s lives with a variety of fun and stimulating activities that are far beyond riding.

You’ll be able to safely and easily transition your horse to bitless riding or experiment in riding without saddle or bridle.

You'll to explore fun activities with your horse like liberty, tricks, horse ability (liberty obstacle courses) and more.

You’ll have the piece of mind you can work with your horse in a way that is simple, positive and fun, without the use of anything that is painful, unpleasant or stressful.

You’ll have the formula to teach your horse anything anywhere, regain his/her focus any time it should stray and solve any future challenges by yourself, in a fraction of the time and effort than it ever took before.

And finally, you’ll be able to work with your horse in a caring, supportive, yet fun way that that reflects your love for your horse AND the best version of yourself that you’ve worked so hard to become

This course is for you if:

You are ready to begin a relationship with your horse that’s deeper, happier and healthier than anything you’ve ever imagined for both you AND your horse.

You want your horse to enjoy your time together, as much as you do and you question  the use of pain, discomfort, tiring, stressful or mind-numbing exercises, or force, domination or punishment to motivate your horse. 

You want to have complete trust in their horse and have you horse have complete trust in you. 

You are awed by the relationship depicted between Shadowfax and Gandalf in the Lord of The Rings movies, between Alec and The Black in The Black Stallion movie or by the horse/human relationships they saw in the hit traveling theatrical show Cavalia. 

You’d like to share regular activities with your horse such as riding, but also explore enriching your and your horse’s lives through liberty, tricks, and bitless or bridleless riding.

You might eventually like to become a Beyond Horsemanship 'Approved Teacher' of your own horse-related profit or non-profit business.

In short, you want the kind of mutually enjoyable, connected, cooperative relationship Cynthia shared with Shadowfax star horse 'Blanco' and continues to have with all the animals in her life, regardless of shape, size, species or experience.