Have you spent years and countless $$$ on a ‘Do it or ELSE!’ approach with your horse

that produces only enough effort from him/her to get by and escape pressure or punishment?


Would you like to win your horse’s heart and head once and for all without EVER having to

prove your leadership through whips, training sticks, chasing, driving, backing, lunging, circling or

anything that is unpleasant, unsafe, tiring or boring for either you or your horse?


Would you like to benefit from scientifically-proven techniques

that your horse actually likes and causes him/her to WANT to do more than the minimum required?


Would you like to learn how from a leader in creating awe-inspiring relationships with horses?  Someone who’s been with horses since early childhood and

experienced everything imaginable with them from filming on TV/movie sets to parades and competition, from teaching them to jump thru fiery hoops to ride bareback and bridleless on endless expanses of beach, from aggressive stallion rehab to traveling North America with the world's most famous movie star horse giving clinics and Cavalia style performances?

Then join in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a course

taught no where else, that will forever change your perspective on what you were told

about relating to horses and show you the secret to loving and teaching horses in a way that resonates with the love you hold in your heart.



“I’d been learning to do natural horsemanship and liberty with my horse from a big name clinician.  I’d bought all the program materials and tools, joined the membership ‘club’, spent thousands on specialized saddles and tack, had a local ‘certified’ trainer to guide me and was scheduled to leave in 2 weeks for a month long intensive at the clinician's' ranch to become a certified trainer . 

Then, when I walked into Cynthia’s facility, I saw no whips, no training ‘sticks’, no bits in the bridles, no round pen or other typical horse training gear.  What I then witnessed were 3 huge horses in a large open area who – without any aversion or coercion – eagerly came running to her when called, laid down for her, lined up in formation for her and did tricks for her – all through the most gentle, inviting and subtle of commands.  

My jaw dropped, because the horses WANTED to do what she asked of them – something I did not know was possible without whips popping or the threat of a training ‘stick’ always at the ready in your hand.  Instead, this was all because of the positive way she had with them that they quite obviously enjoyed.  It was like seeing three 1200 pound puppy dogs that couldn’t wait for her to unveil what she wanted to do next!” 

D.S. – A Convert in California

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